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Point of sale for multi-store solution.
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This is complete version of Miyagle POS software, local base, single station, free of use, no expiration date, no limitation on product list or menus. If you open a credit card merchant account with us, you will get future supports for free. we gurranty make a compatible rate with your current statement, and no contract.
Need Cloud Base, or multiple stations networking? call us for support.
* Alert: Existing users, please back up database before download and install.

Before you download:

  1. Miyagle POS supports OS, Windows 7 sp1 / 8 / 10, both 32 bits and 64 bits, best screen resolutions 1024 x 768 or 1366 x 768, Minimum system requirement Dual Core 2.2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM. For Windows 7 user, need to update to Service Pack 1 before install. To verify if your computer meets the minimum requirement, go to: Controls panel -> System, this place would tell you the computer's Operating System, CPU, RAM.
  2. Credit card software has been integrated with POS. If you would like to keep your existing merchant account, call your current merchant service provider talk about this matter, fee might be applied. We provide merchant account for you for free, compare your current statement rate, and no contract.
  3. We provide free support on first time installation, fee might be applied for further assistants.

Following Pax models suppoted with Miyagle POS: S300, S80, Px5, Px7.

Pax S300 Pax S80 Pax Px5 Pax Px7

Miyagle POS software features both Restaurant and Retail stores:

  1. To register your station with Miyagle POS, we need your email address, this way that we can send your validation code to activate software. Once validated, and then choose: Single station -> "OK" -> New store, follow instruction to enter new store information and initial set up process. the initial password for admin is "1".
  2. On POS first Windows start up, on the top right corner, there is "Setting" icon, this setting let you switch from Restaurant to Retail store, or vice versa.
  3. Each system features "Order mode or Practice mode", in "Practice mode", ticket or orders will not be recorded in computer. you can easily switch between modes, Open a new ticket, such as "Walk IN" -> More -> Setting.
  4. Multilingual languages, English - Chinese switch, you can lock to prefer language: Manage -> More -> Settings -> Station setting -> Basic setting.
  5. Employees management, include Clock in, Clock out, permission: Manage -> More -> Employee.
  6. Marketing tools, such as Bulk orders: Manage -> More -> Marketing.
  7. Your store information, such as Logo image, QR code: Manage -> More -> Settings -> Station setting -> Basic setting.
  8. Royalty programs, such as Gift card, Coupon, Reward points, Cash discount, etc: Manage -> More -> Settings -> Station setting -> Payments.
  9. Various sales reports, Server to House, ranges from hours -> day -> week -> month -> year, Manage -> Sales report -> More.
  10. How to add menus or product list: Manage -> Edit menu -> Main menu -> Choose one of MENU -> from right side "+ Category" or select an existing Category -> on center of screen "+ menu". there are few methods, choose one of method that fit your need.
  11. How to set printers: the first step is "Install printer's driver", then go to Controls panel -> Devices and Printers, verify if printer installed, and print a test page, then on POS side: Manage -> More -> Settings -> Receipt print -> Set printer name for each.
  12. Restaurant: Each station supports up to 10 lines Caller ID, those Caller IDs, both USB soft modem and Serial hardware modem, USB modems are plug n play.
  13. Restaurant: Multi-pricing for different websites, this set up might be done after completion of main menu, then: Manage -> Edit menus -> More -> Website.
  14. Restaurant: Multi-pricing for Dine-In and Take-Out: Manage -> Edit menus -> Main menu -> any Menu -> any Category -> any one of Menu -> then see Left side of menu's properties.
  15. Restaurant: Enter main menus are straight forward, but, Modifiers are most complicated. Miyagle POS separates Modifiers into two parts, first part is "Generic modifiers", such as "Extra, Less, No, With, Only, or Cook method", this generic modifiers, would modify any orders globally. the second part is "Custom made", every menu can create a "Modify menu" manually, give this menu a "Name", and then this "Custom made modify menus" can be reused in other place. When you are taking order, Miyagle POS also provide "Open modify" keyboard input instantly. To manage those "Generic or Custom made Modifiers": Manage -> Edit menus -> Modifiers.
  16. Restaurant: Driver dispatch, or at the end of day, to calculate driver delivered tickets and total amount. On POS first start up page, Driver dispatch -> Follow steps 1 & 2.
  17. Restaurant: Hand-writting for Chinese language input.
  18. Restaurant: Prompt customer's eating habit in place immediately while taking orders, such as "Extra spicy, No salt".
  19. Retail store: Useful marketing tools.
  20. Retail store: Scan barcode, Digital scale, Instant keys fast input, or keyboard input, etc.

Miyagle POS acceceries supports:

* Hardwares from our website are guarantee to be compatible with Miyagle POS.
  1. Up to 23 receipt printers, and 21 label printers. Cash drawer or external buzzer supported by each receipt printer.
  2. Up to 10 lines Caller IDs per station.
  3. Customer pole display, 20 characters per line or 18 characters.
  4. Second monitor display, screen resolution 1024 x 768 supported.
  5. Price tag Label printer.
  6. Digital Weight Scale.
  7. Kitchen display system software, also available for download.
  8. Credit card integration, compatible models: Pax S300, S80, Px5, Px7.
  9. USB barcode scanner, plug n play.
  10. USB Magnetic Swipe Reader, plug n play.
  11. USB flash drive for backing up database. Manage -> More -> Settings -> Station setting -> Database.

The following softwares might be use for professional purpose,
if you have any questions, please contact us.

  1. Scangle Thermal receipt printer Model 88IV Driver.
  2. Fukun receipt printer series. ( Model FK-POS80AT-UE )
  3. SPRT receipt printer series. ( Model SP-POS88 )
  4. Xprinter driver. ( Model Q80260 )
  5. Usb modem with caller ID driver. ( ITE NO: CX-FU02 )
  6. Rosewill 56 kbps USB modem driver
  7. HSF modem driver 32 bit
  8. HSF modem driver 64 bit
  9. Data Fax modem driver
  10. HyperTerminal
  11. Download food images for your website and POS system.
  12. Starmicronics printer driver.
  13. Epson TM-T 88x advance printer driver.
  14. PBM Thermal receipt printer Model P500 Driver.
  15. Chinese language pack for Windows 7 Pro.