Cloud base or off line
Point of sale solution for multi-stores.
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15 inches monitor
17 inches monitor
Microsoft certified
one year warranty
All in one
15 inches monitor
15.6 inches monitor
20 inches monitor
10 inches tablet
8 inches tablet

Full featured for fine dining, and take-out restaurant:

  1. Drag & drop table management, with occupied indicator.
  2. Two-shifts employee clock in-out, with break time.
  3. Caller-ID automatically configured when point of sale start-up.
  4. Direct hand-write to enter particular customer' orders.
  5. Sounds great while bluetooth speaker speaking orders in your language.
  6. Multi-Languages supported by your country.
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Build for Microsoft Windows.
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    It is breeze to add, edit or remove menu, including images, descriptions and taxes. step by step indicator sign, easily add variants or create group modify menus to fit your needs.
    Take control over your inventory, with instant report in-place when you are taking customer's orders. multiple stations will never exceed available inventory.
    Use automated reordering, and adjust reorder points and restock levels to the correct orders that servers each times placed.
    Easily, automatically grow your customer list. View purchase history and customer profile, create customer mailing list and centrally manage all your customers.
    Grow repeat business with your own loyalty program. Easy to set up, powerfull, flexible, customizable and easy for your customer to join.
    Create user accounts for each of your staff and easily control their permissions. Set individual server targets for each of them and track their performance.