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Carefully choose from better hardwares!
      - will reduce future maintainance troublesome.

Buy all-in-one pos terminal,
and USB connections with all of peripherals as possible,
keep as less adapter bridge components as possible.

Wirings and adapters are always causing problems. paid extra for clean system, pay less on maintain fees, worth it!

For the basic of restaurant POS, will consist of:

  1. Computer & monitor, or all-in-one terminal.

    This is the main part of POS, all of softwares will need to install on this computer.

  2. Printers.

    Thermal printer is faster than dot metric printer (ink cartridge), with auto-cut feature saves your time to tear the receipt.

  3. Cash drawer.

    Less important part of POS, contains less tech ingredients. computer sends command to printer, if that is print command, then printer starts print, if it is 'open drawer', then printer will route the command to drawer port, output a voltage kick. this is why printer is always connect to printer, also known as printer driven.

  4. Caller-ID.

    Monitor touch typing is slower than keyboard, and much slower than pen writting, by retrieving customer caller-id information, will save your time on typing in customer's phone number and name.

There are two main types of systems: for take-out stores, and for fine-dining restaurants. hence two types of different requirements for this industry.

Wide-screen or standard 15 inches?

Take-out style food service likely to give more flexible ways for customer to place order, cause modify menu very complicated. while dine-in restaurant involves Chef decorate dishes and servers to bring out dishes from kitchen, will restrict customer many requests.

19 inches wide-screen looks complicated at the first glance, but leave more spaces for display modify menu, a more convenient way to modify an order. this is suitable for take-out, no doubt!